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Ramsey Group Practice

Survey Report

These are some of the results of the 2014/15 Ramsey Group Practice patient survey concerning services here.

We sent out 350 surveys to randomly chosen patients. Many thanks to all of you who returned the surveys. It's good to get feedback both positive and negative.

Firstly if you are reading this then you already know we have a website. 81% of those who replied did not know this despite our efforts to advertise it in the practice. So please spread the word to your friends.

All who replied had visited the practice in the last 12 months. Compared to previous years 83.5% of you found the ability to contact the practice good. This is a big increase. We easily get through 500 calls at the start of play in the morning. We appreciate getting through at those peak times is not always easy.

We met up last year with Manx Telecom and with the advent of new technology we hope to hope to have a new far more flexible switchboard in place in the near future. This will also have benefits in other areas. Whilst most were happy with the reception area (94% found the reception staff helpful) we know it can be chaotic and cluttered especially first thing in the morning. Moving some of the phones will hopefully make the reception area more user friendly. We also hope to install an automated check in to further free up the receptionists.

Last year we along with all IOM practices switched to a new records system. We are hoping that ordering your repeat medication via an Apple or Android app will be coming shortly. Paper prescriptions will become a rarity as your script will be sent to the chemist of your choice electronically. None of those lost missing in transit prescriptions that frustrate you and us. Please note you can text us to cancel your appointment if you can't make it as per the home page. 74.5 of our respondents already did so.

85% were able to make an on the day emergency appointment with a GP. 94% found the ability to speak by phone to a nurse or doctor good. Only 47% were aware some of our nurses prescribe in their own right.

Once again thanks to those who contributed. If you any any ideas or suggestions Facebook us. If we don't know we can't improve things. In particular Dr Maska would like to know if there are things on the website you think could be approved.