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Ramsey Group Practice


Warning & Disclaimer

Using this e-mail service means you should understand potential problems associated with the Internet. If after reading this you are uncomfortable - please use another method.

Sending any information via the Internet can be intercepted electronically and seen by others.

There maybe delays or loss in transmission either through the internet itself of through the internet providers you or the practice are connected to.

The practice therefore cannot accept liability for loss of confidentiality to patients using this service.

The Practice cannot accept responsibility for loss of transmission of their request either from electronic failure through the Internet nor at the practice through failure of electronic equipment.


Please download this file to register with the practice and return it to the practice.


Use the patient access app as per the home page to request prescriptions via your phone, tablet or PC.

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Prepayment Certificate

Download this form and follow the instructions.

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Self Certification of Illness

Download Self Certification Form SC1

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Chaperone Policy

This is the chaperone policy that can also be found on the Feedback page. This will download the policy.

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Travel Questionnaire

This is the same Travel Questionnaire that is found on the Foreign Travel page.

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